Dust Extraction

Baghouse dust collectors have been the workhorse for industrial dust collection for many years, providing a full range of solutions from handling nuisance dusts up to extremely heavy dust loads, hazardous (ATEX) or toxic dusts, bin venting and product reclaim.

Following advances in modern design technology and integrated electronic controls, these systems now operate at unparalleled levels of filtration and energy-saving efficiency. EDS supply and install state-of-the-art air filter systems from Europe’s market-leading manufacturers.

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Bag filters are a highly efficient means of collecting dry, free-flowing dusts, typically under suction from the fan placed on the “clean side” of the filter. When the dust-laded air travels across the filter media at the optimum design speed, the dust is retained and the clean, filtered air passes through.

The pockets within the filter bags are periodically thoroughly cleaned by “reverse pulse jet” to ensure there’s no clogging and to maintain peak efficiency. High quality, antistatic dust bags can greatly assist this process. The dust is collected below to be discharged by the chosen method, for example into a bulk bag as shown opposite.

Intelligent energy saving controls

Our advanced systems feature automated energy saving controls, which will reduce your electricity consumption significantly year after year, very often by MORE THAN HALF! This means the payback period for your capital outlay can be much shorter than expected in times of rising electricity costs. 

Our user-friendly package includes:  

  • touchscreen display linked to control panel 
  • bespoke programming 
  • full monitoring system 
  • remote monitoring for back up 
  • full operator instructions and training 

FOR EXAMPLE:  A reduction in the fan speed of just 20%, when not all your machines are running, will produce a 50% saving in electricity costs! 

Your new energy-efficient dust extraction system will be designed inhouse by our qualified team as a bespoke project to fulfil your individual needs.  Following site survey and consultation, as part of our quotation we will provide you with electricity usage calculations to illustrate your potential savings. 

EDS have not only developed new engineering solutions for dust extraction, but have also invested in the innovation of components and accessories, optimizing operating efficiencies with the use of top quality materials, and in full compliance with current regulations. 

Support from the team at EDS continues long after your installation is commissioned, with our full customer care programme and range of ancillary services, including service and maintenance contracts. 

Combustible Dust (ATEX)

At EDS, we have proven competence and experience in designing and installing extraction systems for hazardous materials (potentially explosive atmospheres), which will ensure your compliance with ATEX and NFPA requirements.

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