EDS Systems is a division of Environmental Dust Solutions Limited

We provide an extended range of industrial products and services, closely allied to our core business, which has been operating successfully and steadily expanding since 2008.

Our client base is vast and varied, operating in numerous different sectors, trusting in us for safe and efficient operation of their workplace extraction systems.

EDS Systems offer industrial product ranges from Europe’s leading manufacturers, as well as professional servicing and support throughout the UK.

Our Group provides products and services for many industries including the following:

Timber processing & woodworking

Cement & concrete

Bricks, blocks & tiles


Asphalt production

Aggregates & quarrying

Glass production & processing

Ceramics & refractory products

Recycling, biomass & woodwaste

Foundry work

Steelworks & aluminium

Food & beverage

Lime & gypsum production

Powerplants and power generation

Paper & pulp

Metalwork & engineering


Grain & malting


Accreditations & Certifications