Galvanised Modular Ductwork

We stock and install high-quality ductwork systems.
These are made of fully galvanised sheets that are dimensionally accurate and smooth to fine tolerances. The components can either have a rolled or folded edge that is fitted with a clamp. The rolled edge clip has an inner gasket to ensure an airtight seal.

All of our Modular ductwork is strong and easy to assemble. It can also be used in conjunction with other ductwork systems. To assemble or modify this advanced galvanised ductwork system, no tools are required.

We also offer a comprehensive accessory line that includes everything you need, such as 30º branches, reducers, and energy-efficient dampers.

For installation work, we offer a site survey and consultancy services, where we come to your location to assess your specific requirements, then our design team will complete everything to produce a detailed quotation tailored to your specific project.

Stainless Steel Modular Ductwork

We can supply and install stainless steel modular ductwork systems in addition to galvanised ductwork. 

We recommend this for use in humid and hot environments, as well as for the food industry.

To request a quotation for ductwork design

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